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VARIABLE DATA . . . Keep It IN LINE for Sure Results!

Sending a mailing using Variable Data doesn't have to be a mystery. Following a few simple techniques when compiling your mailing list can result in BIG SAVINGS and HIGHER SALES.

Truly Personal Contact with Customers
Pair your basic layout (text/images) with individualized customer information (preferences for purchase, age, gender, industry) and you will be sure to catch the attention your mailing needs for a high percentage of response. This up-front dedication of time makes it worth the work.

Variable Data Options
& Their Issues:
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  Variable data from Master Printing



A common vehicle for varaible data promotions is the postcard. For your convenience, common postcard sizes are as follows:

Standard PC Size:
 4.25 x 6 inches

  9 x 6 inches

NOTE: To qualify for USPS card rates:

Maximum size:
 6" wide x 4.5" high

Minimum size:
 5" wide x 3.5" high


for a full presentation
of services.


List Organization is an Important Part of Variable Mailing Turnaround.
Keep data IN LINE for optimum speed and savings . . .

If you want your mailing addresses to begin with a first name, make sure your Excel data list has a FIRSTNAME column and that the column data includes ONLY first names. This keeps first and last names separate and eliminates any mis-addressing such as "Jane Doe Doe."

Supply STREETADDRESS, CITY, STATE, and ZIP_POSTAL CODE in separate columns. This allowsyour mailing to sort correctly for post office reguations and saves you big time!

Check your Accuracy
A periodic check of accuracy regarding contact names, addresses and zip codes will pay you back in a higher percentage of delivery and less pieces in the "round file." Data can be checked by investing in a periodic "Return Postage Guaranteed" mailing (you pay the post office to return undeliverable standard–third-class–bulk mail). The pieces returned to you help you clean up your mailing list and give you an excuse to make a NEW customer in place of the previous or, if necessary, take that contact off your list completely, saving you wasted postage.

Need help with your list? Contact one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Reps for assistance and advice.