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Stop! Before you plan your catalog, booklet, invitation or greeting card project, think ahead to the envelope. If your project is being delivered in an envelope, it will help to know standard sizes before you design so you can size your piece accordingly. Although Master Printing can produce custom sized envelopes, the most economical envelope is one that is already being made by the envelope companies.

There are many pre-made envelope options from which you can choose. The five main categories are: Announcement envelopes (square back flaps), Baronial envelopes (triangular back flaps), Commerical envelopes (triangular flap), Catalog envelopes (short edge closure), and Booklet envelopes (long edge closure). Following are convenient size charts for referral. If you do not see what you are looking for here, please consult your print representative for more detailed pre-made options.

Click below for envelope size charts:
Booklet Envelopes
Catalog Envelopes
Announcement Envelopes
Commerical Envelopes
Baronial Envelopes

Need extra help?

Are you doing a big mailing? Master Printing can coordinate your list with the mailing house or hand stuff your envelopes. Contact a print representative for details on turnover and pricing.


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