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FTP Transfer

If you currently use an FTP system (such as Dropbox, Hightail, etc.) to transfer files, you can send us your art that way. Simply email us instructions on how to download the files.

If you DO NOT use an FTP program, you can send via our FTP site by following instructions based on your Internet browser:

For PC systems using Internet Explorer 8

For PC systems using Internet Explorer 7

For PC systems using Internet Explorer 6

For PC systems using Firefox or Netscape

For Mac systems using Safari

File Transfer via Skype:
Add Master Printing as a contact, then send us your file:
Our contact name is prep4mprinting
Launch Skype>choose our name from your contact list>choose from the menu tab to send file

FTP Site Definition

An FTP site is a server on the Internet that houses files for transfer from one location to another. FTP transfers are usually used for files that are larger than 3 megabites. (In most cases, smaller files can be emailed.) To utilize FTP transfers, one individual uploads digital files to the FTP site. The second individual downloads the files and the transfer is completed.

Master Printing uses Fetch software for FTP file transfers. If your company utilizes iDisk, or another FTP transfer system, we can download files from your site, upon request. Please email us your information and we will confirm file receipt.

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